Is Dropsy Painful for Fish?

Everyone enjoys having an aquarium in their home. Aquariums are not only appealing, but they also provide significant benefits. For example, stressful days make it difficult for us to relax, refocus and recharge. But watching fish inside the aquarium with beautiful lightning makes us feel better. It also teaches children about their responsibility. It also … Read more

How to Fix Fin Rot?

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Why Do Goldfish Turn White?

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How to Lower pH in Aquarium with Vinegar

As a fish tank owner, you should know that the water pH level matters to keep your fish healthy. For this reason, make it your job to maintain an ideal pH for your fish. One way you can lower the pH is by using vinegar. It may not be an ideal choice. However, it can … Read more

Why is My Goldfish Swimming Sideways?

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Best Lord of the Rings Fish Tank Decorations

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Betta Fish Types

Betta fish are considered to be one of the most beautiful and preferred fish in homes all across the world. The Betta has over 73 species. However, the most well-known is Betta splendens or Siamese Fighting Fish. Betta fish started with drab greyish-green color and small fins, unlike today’s vibrantly colored, exquisitely-looking fishes! A wide … Read more

How to Feed Fish While on Vacation?

Are you going on a business trip or perhaps taking a vacation soon? What are your plans for your fish while you’re gone? Thankfully, there are numerous simple ways to keep your fish fed during the holidays and vacations: Should I feed my fish when I go on vacation? Many fish can go for weeks … Read more