This 55-gallon deluxe kit from Aqueon is a great choice for someone who wants all of the components necessary to kick off their large aquarium project with minimal hassle.

It all comes packaged in a colorful product box, padded for transportation, making this is a great tank to order online. The shatter-resistant acrylic construction further helps make this tank a durable choice. Inside the box, you’ll find everything needed to maintain the health of your fish population – it even comes with filters, lights, and fish food.

Just assemble following the setup instructions, fill with water, and (after some settling time) add your fish. Large aquariums have never been easier than this.

The QuietFlow power filter uses a pump to circulate water. The bundled pump has been carefully designed to avoid vibration or noticeable noise production, so your aquarium can rest peacefully in your home without making any irritating sounds while in operation.

The submersible heater provides ample power to regulate water temperatures even as room temperature begins to fall in the winter months. Still, no aquarium heater is designed to function in extremely cold environments, so you should at least keep your heat turned on a little – even if your fish species is a durable one.

Fluorescent lighting is mounted in the top hood, providing evenly distributed light across the volume of the tank, ensuring your fish can be seen from any position. The clear acrylic works to further this effect, transmitting more light than glass.

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Aqueon 17770 Deluxe Aquarium 55 Gallon Kit Specifications

Capacity55 Gallons
Dimensions50.3″ Length x 22.6″ Wide x 14.5″ High
Type of HabitatAquatic
What’s included?Glass Aquarium with Black Trim, QuietFlow™ Power Filter, Filter Cartridge, Deluxe Hood, Fluorescent Bulb, Submersible Heater, Aquarium Set-up and Care Guide, Water Conditioner, Thermometer, Premium Fish Food, Fish Net.
Price$$$ – Just add water + fish.




  • Don
    Posted August 2, 2018 9:15 pm 0Likes

    The shatter resistant acrylic construction? This is a glass tank isnt it?

  • Raju
    Posted September 24, 2018 11:19 am 0Likes

    I want to buy of this aquarium. How to buy?

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