Aqueon LED 55 Gallon Aquarium Kit Review & Specs

The Aqueon LED 55 Gallon Aquarium kit was launched late 2013 to joining their premium range thus rivaling the similar and very popular Aqueon 55 Gallon 17770 Aquarium kit from the deluxe range. Like the rest of the Aqueon products in this range this is a glass tank supplied with a black plastic slimline LED hood, 200w preset heater and QuietFlow power filtration system included.

Standing at 48.25” Long x 12.75” Wide x 23.75” High this impressive glass tank ideal for saltwater and freshwater aquaria. On unwrapping the colorful packaging you will find all the essentials to get your large aquarium started including water conditioner, fish food, accessories, and a comprehensive setup/start guide.

The QuietFlow 55/75 power filter simply hangs on the back of the tank, supplied with two filters and is ideal for this 55 Gallon tank as it suites aquariums up to 90 Gallons thus over filtering and improving visibility. Using a 4 stage filtration system this filter has both more efficient and has a better flow than most others in the same category.

Overall this is a quality glass tank from a reputable manufacturer, Aqueon, sold with a complete kit making it easy to get started with a large 55-gallon fish tank.

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Aqueon LED 55 Gallon LED Tank Specifications


Aqueon LED 55 Gallon Aquarium Kit


55 Gallons


48.25” Long x 12.75” Wide x 23.75” High

Type of Habitat








What's included?

Glass Aquarium with Black Trim, QuietFlow™ Power Filter, Filter Cartridge, Slimline LED Hood, 200w Submersible Heater, Aquarium Set-up and Care Guide, Water Conditioner, Thermometer, Premium Fish Food, Fish Net.


$$ - Just add water + fish.



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  1. they have the aqueon 55 gallon set up at my local petland for 200 dollars , i already have a aqueon 50 filter and a aqueon 10 filter and a 200 watt heater, do you know if aqueon just swlls the tanks and hoods separately, and if my two filters together can filter a 55 gallon tank


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