Which Aquarium Fish lives the longest?

Aquarium owners always wonder about the lifespan of their pet fish and how to take care of them. Two of the most common questions aquarium owners ask are: (1) How long do aquarium fish live? and (2) Which aquarium fish live the longest? Generally, larger fish have a longer lifespan than fish that are smaller. … Read more

How much Aquarium Gravel do I need? + Calculator

Fish tank owners and hobbyists, especially those with aquatic floras planted in their aquariums, must keep in mind that the amount of gravel or substrate placed inside the tank is an essential factor for both pets and plants to survive and grow to their best potential. Keeping an aquarium is not that difficult or complicated, … Read more

Do Betta Fish Sleep?

You have probably wondered if betta fish sleep – especially if you’re new to owning one. In fact, it is not a silly question. Most betta fish owners might have probably wondered this as well. Betta fish can be pretty active most of the time and opens its eyes all the time – that’s why … Read more