Best Aquarium Bio Balls 2024 & Handling Guide

Biological filtration is one of the ways to filter aquarium water, and it uses beneficial bacteria in water purification. The bacteria is the primary agent in breaking down ammonia and nitrate and turning them into less toxic compounds. Like the living organisms in the tank, good bacteria also need to thrive by increasing the oxygen … Read more

How fast do Plecos grow?

Plecos, also known as “Plecostomus,” are hardy species that belong to the family Loricariidae (armored catfish family). They are known to be the largest family of catfish in the world. They are well-known algae eaters. They are known as hardy species because they attach themselves to hard surfaces. Common Plecostomus grow faster in the first … Read more

Best Aquarium-safe Paint 2024 & Buyers Guide

Are you fond of fish too? If you like keeping fish as your pets, it is extremely important to take care of their living environment. An aquarium might be just a small tank for you, but for the fishes, it’s their home. If you don’t keep the fishes under proper and comfortable living conditions, they … Read more

How Long does it Take for a Molly to give Birth?

Among the most sought-after aquarium fish is the molly. They’re a great option for newbies since they’re easy to look after. Plus, they come in a variety of lovely patterns and colors. Additionally, molly fish are quite simple to reproduce in a fish tank and are usually mature once acquired from a pet store. Mollies … Read more

Green Water in Aquarium – Causes & How to Fix it

Most of us experienced something like this before. All is very much fine inside your aquarium. The water is translucent, your fishes are swimming around cheerfully, and everything’s in order. Until one day, your gorgeous fish tank has transformed into an unsightly debacle, seemingly out from nowhere. The water is a striking greenish tint, and … Read more

How long can Goldfish go without Food?

Goldfish are among the most common species among beginners and experienced fish breeders and enthusiasts. During times of uncertainty, you may not be able to feed your fish since you just can’t be at home to feed them. Although starving your goldfish might not be the best idea, you might still be wondering how long … Read more

Why Your Fish Tank Smells? & How You Can Fix It

It’s disturbing to suddenly smell weird odors inside your home. It’s even more frustrating if the stench you smell comes from your fish tank. In that case, you won’t only worry about the funky smell, but the health of your aquatic friends as well. Fish tanks don’t usually smell excessively bad. In the long run, … Read more

Is Hot Glue Aquarium safe?

One really tricky topic when it comes to fixing or setting up a fish tank is what materials should be used. Aside from the glass, it can be quite hard to find the right adhesive to stick everything together. This is where hot glue comes into the picture. However, there is still a very critical … Read more