Best 10-Gallon Fish Tanks & Buyers Guide

The beauty of getting into aquarium keeping is that there are hundreds of different fish tanks that you can get. It’s easy to find something that you like and would love having in your office or living space. However, this does come with a downside. There is so much to learn about aquarium keeping that you will need to spend hours upon hours reading reviews in order to find the best fish tank for you. If you are searching for the best 10-gallon aquarium, you are in luck!

Most beginners choose 10-gallon aquariums because they are easy to maintain and don’t require a big investment. That’s not all. Smaller aquariums can also look amazing if they house colorful fish and unique decorations. The question that remains is, what is the best 10-gallon fish tank? Here is where our expertise comes in. Today we are going to review the top ten best 10-gallon aquarium kits and fish tanks. Let’s jump right into it.

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 Aqueon Fish Aquarium Starter Kit

Hagen 15004HG Fluval Flex Aquarium

Hygger Horizon Glass Aquarium Kit


23.75 x 14 x 18.5 inches

0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches

19 x 11.8 x 9.6 inches


5 gallon, 5.5 gallon, 7.5 gallon, and 10 gallon

9 gallon

6 gallon or 8 gallon


28.3 lbs

11.02 lbs

20.4 lbs





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10-Gallon Fish Tank Buying Guide

Check out the buying guide below to see what are the top three features that the best 10-gallon fish tank needs to offer:

Filtration System

If you are new to aquariums, then you should make sure that the product you purchase ships with an integrated filtration system. While you may be able to get a third-party filter for cheaper from a third-party store, it can be tricky to find out that works well with your aquarium.

Acrylic vs. Glass

Before starting your search for the best 10-gallon aquarium kit, you should first decide if you want acrylic or glass. Both materials have their pros and cons. There isn’t a wrong choice to be made here. We highly recommend the biOrb Classic 30 Aquarium with MCR if you are going for acrylic.

LED Lighting System

The last feature that should be at the top of your priority list is a powerful LED lighting system. The light can make or break your aquarium’s aesthetic impact, which is why you may want to purchase a 10-gallon aquarium that comes with an integrated module. The GloFish Aquarium Kit is a great choice here because it offers multiple color modes.

The Best 10-Gallon Fish Tanks

1st JBJ Rimless


  • Dimensions: 25.5 x 12.5 x 12.5 inches
  • Size: 10-gallon
  • Material: Glass
  • Weight: 26.24 pounds

JBJ Rimless is one of the most beautiful 10-gallon aquariums featured on our list, and there is no doubt about that. Shipping with a rimless design and a Lyra 9W LED 2-color lighting fixture that is placed on top of the water; you can be sure that the JBJ Rimless fish tank will look great in any space. The lighting fixture’s unique positioning is not the only thing that makes it stand out, but also the fact that the brightness is adjustable. Thanks to this, finding the best light setting that showcases your fish’s color will be easy, and it will not take longer than one minute.

The 10-gallon fish tank comes equipped with a Clip-on Biofilter that can be installed by anyone. You don’t need to hire a specialist to help you install the aquarium because the filter doesn’t need anything else other than to be plugged in. Another great thing about the aquarium’s filtration system is that it is hidden behind a small compartment. Therefore, your fish will always be in the spotlight, and nothing will ruin your view.


  • Stylish design;
  • Lyra 9W LED 2-color lighting fixture;
  • Adjustable brightness;
  • The filter is plug-and-play;
  • Low profile.


  • You will need to buy a heater if you want to keep exotic fish.
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2nd Hagen 15004HG Fluval Flex Aquarium


  • Dimensions: 0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches
  • Size: 9-gallon
  • Material: Glass
  • Weight: 11.02 pounds

The Hagen 15004HG Fluval Flex Aquarium is another fantastic choice for beginners who are ready to set up their first fish tank. Right from the start, we want to mention that the Hagen 15004HG Fluval Flex Aquarium ships a kit. Therefore, you will receive all the extra accessories that are required for an underwater ecosystem to thrive. The most impressive feature is the lighting system. The Hagen 15004HG Fluval Flex Aquarium is bundled with a dimmable 7500K LED lamp that features 3RGB fully adjustable lights. You can choose from up to 80 different hues! Pair this with the black panel, the colors of your fish will seem livelier than ever.

The aquarium features a unique shape that will make it seem bigger and guarantee a great view, no matter from what angle you may be watching from. We also want to highlight that the aquarium is equipped with an integrated canopy that provides quick access. While this feature might not seem that impressive, you will grow to love it when it comes to maintenance because you can feed your fish just by raising the canopy. It’s also worth noting that the Hagen 15004HG Fluval Flex Aquarium comes with a powerful 3-stage filtration system that offers multi-directional and dual output flow of up to 61 GPH.


  • Dimmable 7500K LED lamp;
  • Up to 80 different hues;
  • Powerful 3-stage filtration system;
  • Unique shape;
  • Integrated canopy with easy access;
  • Great quality glass.


  • The price is high.
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3rd Hygger Horizon Glass Aquarium Kit


  • Dimensions: 19 x 11.8 x 9.6 inches
  • Size: 6-gallon or 8-gallon
  • Material: Glass
  • Weight: 20.4 pounds

Hygger is a leader in the industry, and the brand’s products are often referenced as the best on forums about 10-gallon aquariums. The “secret” behind Hygger’s success is that the company uses premium materials and is always looking for ways to innovate the industry. The Hygger Horizon Glass Aquarium Kit is the perfect example of that. This 10-gallon fish tank kit includes everything you need for the aquarium’s inhabitants to thrive. Starting with a powerful 7W 110 GPH internal power filter pump and ending with a decorative 3D rockery mountain background, the Hygger Horizon Glass Aquarium Kit is bundled with lots of accessories that you will love having around.

The impressive design of the Hygger Horizon Glass Aquarium Kit looks fantastic, but this is not the only “selling point” for the fish tank. Another remarkable feature is the LED lighting system that features extendable brackets, multiple modes, and an external digital controller. You can even set the lighting time to 3, 6, or 12 hours. The brightness can be adjusted from 10% to 100%, and therefore, you get access to five brightness levels that come in the following light modes: simple white, blue/white/red, and red/blue. Moreover, the curved design of the glass is excellent for living rooms. The reason behind this is that thanks to the convex shape, the aquarium will have a 3D effect.


  • Available in multiple size options;
  • Unique shape;
  • It includes lots of extra accessories (pump, filter, dĂ©cor items);
  • Powerful LED lighting system with an external controller;
  • The manufacturer uses multi-protection packaging to avoid scratches and cracks.


  • The aquarium doesn’t have a lid.
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4th Aqueon Fish Aquarium Starter Kit


  • Dimensions: 23.75 x 14 x 18.5 inches
  • Size: 5-gallon, 5.5-gallon, 7.5-gallon, and 10-gallon
  • Material: Glass
  • Weight: 28.3 pounds

The best thing that beginners can do when looking for the best 10-gallon fish tank is to look for a kit. This way, they are making sure that they don’t need to spend hours researching the extra accessories they need for a thriving ecosystem. Here is where the Aqueon Fish Aquarium Starter Kit comes in and saves the day. This is a 10-gallon starter kit that comes equipped with everything you need. The cool thing about the Aqueon Fish Aquarium Starter Kit is that it also provides you with items that help you create a colorful set-up. Starting with the multi-colored gravel and ending with the decorative plants, your 10-gallon fish tank is guaranteed to look amazing.

You can get the Aqueon Fish Aquarium Starter Kit in the following size options: 5-gallon, 5.5-gallon, 7.5-gallon, and 10-gallon. Therefore, you will not have a single problem finding the best size for your living space. If you are planning to keep tropical fish, which are famous for their beauty, you should be pleased to know that the Aqueon Fish Aquarium Starter Kit comes with a 50W preset heater that will keep the water temperature at 78-degrees. Moreover, the manufacturer used orange fluorescent silicone to give the aquarium’s design a special touch. The colorful features will transform the aquarium into the centerpiece of your interior design.


  • You can get it in the following shapes: column, rectangle, cube, and hexagon;
  • It includes a 50W present heater (essential for tropical fish);
  • You will get decorative items, water conditioner, and fish food;
  • Available in multiple sizes and color options;
  • It is equipped with an Aqueon Quietflow LED Pro Filter.


  • The hood is made from thin plastic.
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5th Marina LED Aquarium Kit


  • Dimensions: 12.91 x 10.24 x 20.2 inches
  • Size: 5-gallon, 10-gallon, and 20-gallon
  • Material: Glass
  • Weight: 17.35 pounds

The Marina LED Aquarium Kit is the ideal choice for beginning aquarium enthusiasts. The company is renowned for making all the parts that are required in a 10-gallon fish tank kit. Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise you that the filtration system that comes bundled with the fish tank is also manufactured by Marina. The filtration system comes with easy to remove and quick-change filter cartridges. While this feature might not seem that impressive, it’s definitely going to make your life easier when it comes to maintenance. Another essential feature that we want to highlight about the filtration system is that it uses a clip-on design. As a result, the cleaning process will be easier than with regular systems.

The lighting system is what usually makes the difference between a beautiful aquarium and a boring looking one. If you plan to get the Marina LED Aquarium Kit, you are in luck because this aquarium is equipped with a daytime LED lighting module. The module is incorporated into the aquarium. It provides just the right amount of light that is needed to recreate your fish’s natural environment without overheating the water. The Marina LED Aquarium Kit is considered an ideal choice for beginners because it includes a manual. The manual is packed with essential fish tank tips and tricks that you will never have to go to forums looking for answers.


  • Daytime LED lighting system;
  • The filtration system uses a clip-on design (easy maintenance);
  • It contains Cycle Biological Supplement and Aqua Plus Water Conditioner for your fish;
  • The lighting module is integrated into the canopy;
  • It comes with a handy user manual.


  • The filter is not fixed.
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6th GloFish Aquarium Kit


  • Dimensions: 23.69 x 13.44 x 19.88 inches
  • Size: 3-gallon, 5-gallon, 10-gallon, and 20-gallon
  • Material: Glass
  • Weight: 16 pounds

The GloFish Aquarium Kit is a bestselling product with more than 1,000 positive reviews, and there is a good reason for that. The kit was designed right from the get-go for beginners, and it comes equipped with all the essentials that you need to set up a 10-gallon fish tank successfully. Starting with the LED lighting and ending with the powerful filtration system, the GloFish Aquarium Kit is bundled with premium hardware and accessories. What makes the GloFish Aquarium Kit special when compared to other products reviewed by us today is the unique design that it offers. The colors of the aquarium are vibrant, and they look outstanding. This is all thanks to the LED energy-efficient lighting that is installed into the low-profile hood.

If the white and blue LED lights do not impress you, you should know that the GloFish Aquarium Kit ships with free GloFish fluorescent plants. You can use the plants to create unique decors that will highlight your colorful species. That’s not all. The kit comes with fish food and water conditioner to set up the fish tank right away. Talking about the set-up process, the manufacturer made sure to include a detailed guide that shows you how to do it in a step-by-step manner. The last thing that we want to mention about the GloFish Aquarium Kit is that it is bundled with a 50-watt aquarium heater and thermometer that you would otherwise have to purchase separately.


  • Unique and colorful design;
  • It comes with GloFish fluorescent plants for decoration;
  • 50-watt aquarium heater and thermometer;
  • Low-profile hood with LED lights;
  • You will get fish food, a water conditioner, and a set-up guide.


  • You have to buy the gravel separately.
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7th Aqueon 10-Gal LED Aquarium Kit 


  • Dimensions: 14 x 23.75 x 16.5 inches
  • Size: 10-gallon
  • Material: Glass
  • Weight: 17.5 pounds

The great thing about choosing to buy a 10-gallon aquarium from Aqueon is the fact that this company always makes complete set-up kits. This means that you don’t need to spend any time thinking about what extra hardware to purchase or contact a specialist to help you install the fish tank. The Aqueon 10-Gal LED Aquarium Kit is not an exception to that rule. The aquarium kit features a cool looking LED lighting system that brings vibrant colors. The module is located on the hood of the aquarium so that the light is always beaming down. This is a useful feature because it helps the water look clearer. It’s also worth noting that the hood features a dedicated feeding door so that you don’t have to remove it every time that you need to feed the aquarium’s inhabitants.

The manufacturer included a complete aquarium set-up guide, but this is not the only accessory that you will find in the kit. The Aqueon 10-Gal LED Aquarium Kit also ships with fish food, water conditioner, eco-friendly fish net, stick-on thermometer, and a QuietFlow LED PRO power filter. Since we mentioned the power filter, we also want to say that it features five-stages and includes an ammonia specialty filter pad that will keep the water clean at all times. Your fish will thank you for using a premium filter because they will be healthier. The aquarium features a simple yet elegant design, and you can always improve it by using gravel and other decorative items.


  • It includes a detailed user manual;
  • It ships as a full kit that includes all required hardware and accessories;
  • QuietFlow LED Pro power filter;
  • Elegant design;
  • Easy access feeding hole.


  • The heater’s preset functions are not adjustable.
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8th Aqueon 10-Gal Black Aquarium


  • Dimensions: 14 x 23.75 x 16.5 inches
  • Size: 10-gallon
  • Material: Glass
  • Weight: 14 pounds

Since Aqueon is one of the industry’s biggest leaders, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see multiple products from this company on our list. The Aqueon 10-Gal Black Aquarium sports a simplistic and elegant design that doesn’t have any eye-catchy features. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Some people like simple designs that can blend in any décor, especially since the black silicone seals don’t take any attention off the fish. It’s also worth noting that a classic 10-gallon fish tank is easier to customize.

The glass quality is excellent, and if you want the view always to be ultra-clear, you can opt for transparent silicone edges. The manufacturer includes a drip look in the package so that you can plug in the aquarium in any electrical outlet without having to worry about causing a short-circuit. On the downside of things, the Aqueon 10-Gal Black Aquarium doesn’t come with any additional accessories. You will need to purchase them separately, but this is also the reason why the 10-gallon fish tank is selling for such an affordable price.


  • Affordable price;
  • Classic design;
  • The silicone edges are available in black or transparent;
  • It includes a drip loop for electrical outlets;
  • High-quality glass.


  • It doesn’t include any accessories or extra hardware.
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9th Penn Plax Curved Corner Glass Aquarium Kit


  • Dimensions: 8 x 12.5 x 10.5 inches
  • Size: 3.4-gallon, 7.5-gallon, and 10-gallon
  • Material: Glass
  • Weight: 19.25 pounds

Are you in the market for a 10-gallon aquarium kit that looks modern and uses curved glass? The Penn Plax Curved Corner Glass Aquarium Kit is an excellent choice for beginners because it uses an innovative seamless design that presents a clear view from multiple angles. Furthermore, the aquarium is made from a three-piece construction style that allows installing an internal cascade filter. To top it all off, you are also getting LED lights, a plastic hinged lid for easy access, and a supportive mat. The aquarium kit uses high-quality glass that is clear and durable.

If the seamless curved corner glass of the aquarium kit is not enough to impress you, then you should know that the LED lights are adjustable, and the filtration system is ultra-quiet. You can set-up the Penn Plax Curved Corner Glass Aquarium Kit right next to your bed, and you will still be able to fall asleep without a problem. Moreover, you can get the Penn Plax Curved Corner Glass Aquarium Kit in the following size options: 3.4-gallon, 7.4-gallon, and 10-gallon.


  • Available in multiple size options;
  • It uses curved corner glass;
  • High-quality glass;
  • Ultra-quiet cascade filtration system;
  • Adjustable LED lights.


  • The plastic lid is not very durable.
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10th biOrb Classic 30 Aquarium with MCR


  • Dimensions: 16.22 x 16.22 x 17.13 inches
  • Size: 4-gallon, 8-gallon, 16-gallon, and 27-gallon
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Weight: 10.45 pounds

The biOrb Classic 30 Aquarium with MCR is one of our favorite aquariums thanks to its timeless design. The fish tank is available in black, silver, and white. You can also get it in the following size options: 4-gallon, 8-gallon, 16-gallon, and 27-gallon. Therefore, you are guaranteed to find the right size for your ideal set-up. The unique design is not the only impressive feature of the biOrb Classic 30 Aquarium with MCR. The acrylic construction is also a major selling point. Acrylic is ten times stronger than glass, 50% lighter, and 93% clearer!

The lighting system is placed onto the top panel so that the light always beams down. What’s cool about the lighting system is that it runs on low voltage. You only need a 12V transformer, and you are good to go. If there is one thing that you can be sure about with the biOrb Classic 30 Aquarium with MCR, then it has to be the fact that it will look aesthetically pleasing in any setting that you place it. The unique design also makes maintenance work more manageable due to the easy access top panel.


  • Unique design;
  • Low voltage lighting system;
  • Aesthetically pleasing;
  • Available in multiple color and size options;
  • It’s made from acrylic.


  • The filtration system is hidden at the bottom of the tank, and it’s difficult to access.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a 10-Gallon Aquarium weigh?

Typically, a 10-gallon aquarium measures in at around 20″ x 10″ x 12″ and weighs 111lbs when filled with water, fish, and decorative items. However, you should consider that the aquarium’s weight might be different if it sports a unique design.

What Fishes are suitable for a 10-Gallon tank?

Here are some of the most popular choices for 10-gallon tanks: Cory Catfish, Neon Tetra, Dwarf Gourami, Fancy Guppy, Betta Fish, Zebra Danio, Platy, and Otocinclus Catfish.

How to clean a 10-Gallon Aquarium?

The only tricky part about fish keeping is that you need to do maintenance work. Fortunately, this is not a problem for smaller tanks such as 10-gallon aquariums. All you need to do is scrub the algae and take some water out while cleaning the gravel. After the cleaning is finished, you can add de-chlorinated water to top off the tank.

Can Goldfish live in a 10-Gallon Tank?

Goldfish are some of the most popular species for small tanks. They thrive in nano tanks, and if you are planning to keep goldfish in your 10-gallon aquarium, then you should be pleased to know that the goldfish will be ok in a smaller aquarium.

Does a 10-Gallon Fish Tank need an Air Pump?

The air pump is a great accessory for all tanks, but it’s not required for any of them. The reason behind this is that the air pump only bubbles air through the tank. This oxygenates the water and makes the fish tank look cooler.

Read more here: Best Aquarium Air Pump & Buyers Guide.

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