Best 240-Galllon Fish Tank 2024 & Buyers Guide

More often than not, aquarium owners, especially the new ones, have horrendous stories to tell with their first aquariums. In some cases, they almost end up giving up before they even get started.

Factoring in basic considerations and meticulous planning will help aquarium owners, especially those interested in becoming one, avoid the most common pitfalls. Actually, come to think about it, planning is essential even for those who have already experienced aquarium owners.

This is especially true when you are planning to get a 240-gallon aquarium for your home or office. That is why we show you our favorite 240-gallon fish tanks here and explain everything you need to know in a deep buyers guide.

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Waterbox Aquariums Peninsula 7225

Red Sea Reefer 3XL 900 Rimless Aquarium

Waterbox Aquariums Reef 220.6


72 x 26 x 24 inches

79 x 25.6 x 25.6 inches

72 x 25 x 24 inches


228 gallons

240 gallons

220.6 gallons





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The best 240-Gallon Fish Tanks in 2024

1st Red Sea Reefer 3XL 900 Rimless Aquarium



  • Tank Dimensions (L x W x H): 79 x 25.6 x 25.6 inches
  • Height with Stand: 60 inches
  • Weight: not stated
  • Size: 240 Gallons
  • Color: Black

Reefer systems have just gotten even larger. With 240 gallons of total water volume, the Reefer 3XL 900 actually takes pre-built reef systems to some kind of level. Red Sea Reefer tanks, without doubt, are going to be your best foundation when it comes to creating a spectacular reef without having to hunt down the sump, stand, and plumbing.

The system allows you to choose the lighting system and other hardware you prefer. Its beveled glass, clear rimless, and plywood cabinets intended for heavy-duty make sure the system will last for a long time.

The Red Sea Reefer 3XL 900 Rimless Aquarium offers an exciting feature: it’s unique split sump system gives the system unsurpassed flexibility.

With a high-renowned team of scientists and other professionals in various fields, Red Sea is an internationally recognized company, a leading innovator, and a top manufacturer of quality products that aquarium hobbyists would love. The company frequently provides hobbyists, whether they are beginners or experience when it comes to aquariums, with efficient, solution-driven products designed to make sure their fish-keeping experiences would be fun and worry-free as much as possible.


  • Elegant plywood cabinet that offers aluminum support
  • Unique split sump system
  • Silent down-flow system that has an emergency overflow
  • Integrated top-up system
  • Assembly-ready piping: no need to glue any part
  • Three-year extended limited warranty


  • Return pump not included
  • Possible late delivery due to lockdowns imposed by COVID-19 pandemic
  • a bit pricey
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2nd Waterbox Aquariums Peninsula 7225



  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 72 x 26 x 24 inches
  • Height with Stand: 60 inches
  • Weight: not stated
  • Size: 228 Gallons
  • Color: Black

Elevate your aquarium experience with Waterbox Aquariums Peninsula 7225. The system transforms the concept of a room divider to a new, enhanced level with only the best in features.

For precise water agitation, both sides of the glass overflow box offer adjustable return nozzles.

The system’s removable weir teeth system allows easy maintenance as well as cleaning.

The company’s engineers have also designed the system with a plumbing kit ready to assemble, providing quick installation without glue anything.

The Waterbox Aquariums Peninsula 7225 has a precision gate valve that ensures quiet operation while controlling the flow of water through the drains. It also has a safety drain that can prevent an overflow in cases of clogging.

Waterbox Aquariums, the company behind the system, is known for its ultra-clear glass aquariums available to hobbyists, whether they are just starting in their hobby or professionals already.

The company is known for its simple and stylish systems while enabling an option to evolve and change your aquatic environments to your liking.


  • beautiful room divider
  • full glass overflow
  • adjustable return nozzles
  • ready-to-assemble plumbing kit


  • needs a large area in the house or office where you are putting the aquarium
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3rd Waterbox Aquariums Reef 220.6



  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 72 x 25 x 24 inches
  • Height with Stand: 60 inches
  • Weight: not stated
  • Size: 220.6 Gallons
  • Color: White

Waterbox Aquarium uses Starphire Glass, which harnesses ultra-clear glass technology.

The system also has a self-leveling mat, keeping the aquarium level stable even on uneven surfaces. It likewise keeps the surface tension on the aquarium down to a minimum, increasing the aquarium’s lifespan.

The Waterbox Aquarium is the only firm to use glass overflow boxes that boast of water etched grates. In comparison, standard aquariums tend to produce lots of water noise. The system’s unique Waterbox down-flow technology ensures the noise in your aquarium peaceful at all times of the day.

What’s more, the system offers a revolutionary design, capturing the beauty and elegance of a customized aquarium.


  • offers a revolutionary design
  • stunning details as well as sharpened definition
  • exponentially quiet


  • needs large area in the house or office where you are putting your aquarium
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Why Should I Buy a 240-Gallon Aquarium?

For some, they may ask: “Why should I buy an aquarium?“ Or for that matter: “Why should I buy a big aquarium, like one that weighs 240 gallons?“

Let us tackle the first question.

Aquariums are amazing to look at, and design-wise, they can be a good focal point in your home or office. Aquariums offer many benefits to your everyday lives, especially in your frantic lives amid this COVID-19 pandemic. They offer new ways for you to relax and, yes, recharge your batteries.

For your kids, aquariums can be educational and promote responsibility. For many adults, aquariums can serve as a therapeutic tool, helping lower your blood pressure, minimize stress, and pose calming effect.

Aquariums can make a good focal point as well as gathering place in your home and even office. A home aquarium, for example, can provide a fun activity for your whole family. In your workplaces, aquariums can boost morale, leading to a positive impact on productivity.

For some restaurant or tavern owners, a good aquatic setup with plants and colorful fish may make your establishment the go-to place in your area, bringing in patrons from far and wide. Even banking institutions, malls, cinemas, and libraries showcase aquariums in their establishments.

Many teachers use aquariums in their classrooms to help students learn more about biology, chemistry, or even physics, among others. In the process, their students likewise learn to cooperate with each other, take note of records, and communicate socially. Children who understand the world with aquariums help become more confident and likely to succeed tremendously in life.

Health care providers, physicians, even dentists, and those engaged in pediatrics use such aquariums to help their patients relax as they await treatment or medical procedures. In fact, many veterinary clinics have aquariums installed in their waiting areas for the same reason.

Let us discuss the next question: Why buy a 240-gallon fish tank? Because whether you believe it or not, bigger aquariums are far definitely easier take care of. The more water it has, the easier for to maintain your aquarium.

How do I Choose the best 240-Gallon Fish Tank?

Several factors should guide you when buying a 240-gallon fish tank. Here are some of them.

Aquarium Materials

As an unspoken rule, it is usually best to go with a large tank that you can fit in your house or area where you intend to put the aquarium. As much as possible, Beginners should avoid small tanks, as mistakes or pitfalls in bigger tanks tend to be not as lethal compared with small tanks.

What aquarium materials should you consider for your 240-gallon fish tank? Here are some of the following materials:

  • light and timer
  • in-water thermometer
  • water filter
  • substrate that you need to put at the bottom of the tank
  • fish food
  • plants and other ornamentation
  • cleaning materials, such as a siphon and sponges


Obviously, the larger an aquarium is – such as a 240-gallon fish tank — the more fish you can stock. That surely is a decided advantage for us, but that also means you should not be complacent in maintaining such a tank.

You also have to make sure that your homes or offices should accommodate tanks that have big sizes. After all, you need to sure it can withstand the weight of these fish tanks. You have to make sure that your floor or cabinet can be able to carry such heavy loads. For some aquarium owners with large tanks, floor reinforcement may be needed to support such a load that is over a ton.

Bigger fish tanks understandably have a good appeal, especially if your objective is when you want to have a wide and diverse aquarium. But you should also need to think of the scale of the tank scale to the room you have and its surroundings.

Ask yourself: Do you have enough room for water hoses and accessories that you need to install between the fish tank and wall? Are you placing the aquarium in a high-traffic room, say a living room? Would there be possible space constraints that might result in possible accidents and broken glass? Do your homes or office have shelves that are overhanging the fish tank and may fall, creating emergency problems for your fish?

These are some crucial questions to consider before making such a huge investment with your time and money.


Getting the right light is among the most crucial aspects of getting an aquarium. It may also be one of the most daunting, especially for those who are newbies. Selecting the appropriate light fixture for the aquarium would depend on the fish and plants you are getting for your aquarium, the size and dimensions of your fish tank, and budget.

The top reason you may want a light on your aquarium is to enjoy the beauty of your pets, plants, as well as other decorations. Another reason is that you want the fish to see, allowing them to get around, look for fish, and interact with others.

However, there may be some other considerations. For instance, fish and live plants in the aquarium have specific light needs. You may be getting fish that live in open water, such as rivers, streams, and lakes. There, the light is bright most times. However, other fish prefer dimmer habitats, such as under overhanging vegetation or fallen logs.

The same condition applies to plants. Some grow in open or shallow water, areas where the light can be very bright and consistent throughout the day. Some plants, however, are found in deeper waters or thrive in the shadows of bigger plants as well as overhanging shrubs and trees.

It is crucial to select a light for your aquarium that is perfect for the kinds of fish and plants you wish to keep.


A rather large aquarium, such as a 240-gallon fish tank, is relatively cheaper than a small one. Yes, it may sound ridiculous. But the truth of the matter is, a small tank can make it almost impossible to have your fish and plants’ health all the time.

For one, you have to test the water in the aquarium daily. You also have to buy a costly filter, get more fish or plants when some of them die, among other possible cost considerations.

Compared with a small tank, a bigger tank, like a 240-gallon fish tank, can be much easier to clean and maintain since the upkeep would not be as demanding, making it cheaper.


A huge fish tank, such as a 240-gallon aquarium, will need a stand to be able to keep it off the floor of your house or office and raise the system to an appropriate height.

As some of us know, a full fish tank can be quite bulky (think that for every gallon, there should be at least 10 pounds), tapping a piece of your everyday household furniture (such as, say, a table or a bookshelf) serving as a stand is definitely not recommended.

So that you can avoid potential disaster, let you have a stand that is specifically designed to maintain and securely hold a huge fish tank, especially a big one. This is the best choice in almost all cases.

Commercial aquarium stands, in many cases, are available online or in your nearby pet stores, in metal and wood. The stands also come in an amazing variety of styles as well as qualities. Some stands are very simple, while others look like they form part of a very high-end piece of furniture. Some even provide storage space for us to use.


Creating an amazing aquarium is among of the most enjoyable ways of owning an aquarium. Below are some simple tips to help you get started.

You can use a combination of plants — small, medium, as well as large. You can also create a good focal point with a single item, maybe a mushroom or a white anemone. The possibilities are endless.

You can also have caves and tunnels decoratively created, giving your fish places to hide and help make them feel secure.

Artificial plants, in most cases, do actually look real and are fairly easy to maintain. However, real plants can help balance various biochemicals and nutrients. However, you should keep in mind that live plants may need some maintenance on your part, such as trimming as well as additional fertilizers.


When buying a 240-gallon fish tank, check out the warranty offered by the manufacturer. Does it give you a money-back guarantee for a certain period? Is there a warranty period that allows consumers to say replace or fix a certain fish tank? For some, who are in the rush of buying fish tanks, this may seem a minor concern.

But it is a big consideration when buying 240-gallon aquariums, especially since you are talking about thousands of dollars here.

After all, a warranty guarantees consumers by the manufacturer or maker of a product. The warranty basically assures that the things you buy are of the highest quality and do not have manufacturing defects.

Warranties give us, the consumers, the right to question the manufacturer or maker to address any issues related to their product according to the discussed terms and conditions. Your federal government mandates companies to issue warranties that are easily accessible to prospective clients, and the brochure of the product must discuss complete details of the warranty terms.

Warranties should be able to stipulate the conditions of the manufacturer clearly. When you shop, you should check out warranties and not just a product’s price or product features. For instance, you would want to know whether to get in touch with the company for repairs if a certain product does not perform its duties as it should, or at least how it is being advertised.

You would certainly want to know if the manufacturer has the assurance or capacity to replace or repair an item that turned out to be defective or if you can return the item and get your money back.

You should really examine the length of time and the conditions under which the manufacturer has to serve us. Check whether if there is a need to ship the item back to the firm or if you can get some help at some local repair shop in your area.

Some warranties, if you look closely, do not necessarily guarantee the entire product. This is why you should determine which parts of a certain item or product you are buying are covered by the warranty and which are not.

What is the Weight of a 240-Gallon Aquarium?

You might want to know the weight of a 240-gallon aquarium if the water in the aquarium could weigh as much as 1800 to 1900 pounds or between 816 and 861 kilos. This is because water weighs around eight pounds per gallon.

Your tank may also probably weigh from at least 300 to 400 pounds (136 to 181 kilos).

Depending on the amount of substrate you add to the aquarium, it could give another 500 to 700 pounds (226 to 317 kilos).

If you add more decorations, it can pose additional weight, but you will have to subtract from the water’s weight.

So, in short, the weight of a 240-gallon aquarium may be anywhere between 2,500 and 3,000 pounds (or between 1,133 and 1,360 kilos).

For an empty 240-gallon aquarium, the weight may lie somewhere close to 430 pounds (or about 195 kilos).


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