Best Water Clarifier 2024 & Buyers Guide

A lot of times, it has been observed that the cloudy water inside your fish tank consists of pieces of fish food, pollen, algae, dust, and dirt. This makes the water contaminated and dirty. These solids are so tiny and that you can’t clean them. You might need a microscope to examine these solids.

This is why water clarifiers are needed. It acts like a magnet or a glue that collects all these impurities and solids that are settled at the bottom of your tank and causing damage.

Water clarifiers are a quick and affordable solution for cloudy water particulates and sediments of loose sand.

There are different types of water clarifiers, and the main aspect that should be considered while selecting a water clarifier is the design, operation, and control of liquid flow. Different types of water clarifiers have various features like – horizontal flow clarifier, parallel inclined plates in a circular clarifier, circular solids contact clarifier, tube settlers in a rectangular Clarifier, inclined surface clarifier, etc.

This article will be learning more about water clarifiers, how they work, and what things must be kept in mind while selecting a water clarifier. Also, we will be listing out a few best Clarifiers for your convenience.

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NICREW Single Channel LED Light Timer

API Accu clear fresh-water aquarium water clarifier 

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What is a Water Clarifier?

A water clarifier is a circular settling tank used in various industries for various processes to separate liquid substances from solid particulates or suspended solids.

These water clarifiers are used widely for different purposes such as – Power generation, sewage treatment, petrochemical, oil and gas, paper and mining industries, etc.

When solid and liquid mixture is settled into the tank over the liquids are recovered from the top of the tank while all the solid substitutes settle at the lower end of the tank as per the gravity. Water clarifiers are also termed settlers.

These settlers also have the risk of corrosion. Corrosion basically happens due to moisture, so it is said that the inner surface of the water clarifiers should be coated with corrosion-proof paints to prolong the tank’s life.

When do I need a Water Clarifier?

Now that we know what a water clarifier means, you must have had an idea of when and why you need a water clarifier.

It is basically a chemical stored in a bottle. Its main job is to make your aquarium crystal clear, free from any dirt particles, and maintain the water from getting contaminated. Adding a few drops of water clarifier to your aquarium immediately starts the magic and clarifies the water.

The main feature of a water clarifier is to remove the solids that move slowly to the resuspension of the solids that are already settled at the bottom. It first filters the liquid and then proceeds on to the next process.

Few people also get confused between thickeners and clarifiers because they are both similar to each other as they are both used to separate liquids and solids.

This is why it is important to understand the difference between the two of them.

Now the question arises when do I need a water clarifier? Well, when you see cloudy water in your aquarium, you must know that this cloudy water is made up of millions of tiny particles that are invisible but contaminate your aquarium water.

These particles could be pieces of uneaten fish food, dust sentiment, algae, etc. And if you don’t fix this problem of cloudy water, it will keep damaging your aquarium. In such a case using a water clarifier to clean your water is very important.

Once you start using the water clarifiers, you will start noticing sparkling clear water within 72 hours, depending upon the clarifier’s capacity. Once the filter removes all the dirt and the other particles, you will see clear water. So it is advised to use a water clarifier as a part of your regular maintenance schedule. However, do keep in mind the water parameters and instructions while using the clarifier.

The best Water Clarifier in 2024

1st Aqueon Aquarium Water Clarifier, 8-Ounce


  • Makes your tap water safe.
  • Quickly clears the cloudy freshwater.
  • Makes tap water safe.
  • Provides plants with micro and macronutrients.
  • They provide you a convenient dosage cap.

This water Clarifier is made up of – Demonized water, polyelectrolytes, and aluminum chlorohydrate. This product is made for different uses like- water conditioners, water clarifiers, plant food, algae remover, etc. And it is also available in different sizes as per your convenience. The directions to use the Product are mentioned in the packaging. It is advised to use 15 ml of solution for a 30-gallon tank and 5ml of the product per 10 gallons. Also, the product should be stored in a cool and dry place. The lid should be secured tightly to avoid wastage and leakage of the product.


  • completely safe product for all fishes and plants
  • works by clinging to the dirt particles and other solids that make your aquarium water cloudy


  • might require 2-3 times of usage
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2nd The Tetra water clarifier


  • The size of the Product is 8.45 ounces.
  • It is made for freshwater aquariums that clear hazy and cloudy water, which is caused due to overfeeding gravel and other dust particles.
  • 1 teaspoon is accurate for 10 gallons of water.
  • Completely safe of plants and Fishes even in soft water (low kH conditions).
  • The normal power filter operation removers the small suspended solids.

It is an easy-to-use formula that helps in clearing the aquarium water, and it is phosphate-free. After the power filter operation, the large particles are there removed during the gravel cleaning process.


  • completely safe and effective formula that is used to treat drinking water
  • phosphate-free and extremely safe for plants and fishes
  • will not affect the pH level of the aquarium


  • it might take some time for the product to show its results
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3rd API Accu clear fresh-water aquarium water clarifier 


  • Helps in cleaning cloudy aquarium water.
  • Should be used weekly or only when cloudy water is observed in the aquarium.
  • Maximizes the filter efficiency.
  • Removes floating particles.
  • Works fast

The API Accu clear fresh-water aquarium water clarifier helps clean cloudy or green water that is often caused by gravel. This combines all the tiny particles together and forms large clumps and allows them to settle at the bottom of the aquarium and then is removed by the filter. It helps eliminate cloudy aquarium water and makes the water crystal clear within several hours of using it if the cloudiness still persists. You can also apply another dose of the product after 24 hours.


  • designed in a way to work in conjunction and control bacterial growth algae
  • provides a safe and hospitable environment for plants and fishes of tropical communities, including goldfish
  • cures fish diseases and conditions such as fin rot


  • quite expensive
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4th Seachem Clarity Clarifier


  • Totally safe for plants and reefs.
  • Clears all kinds of cloudiness.
  • Useful for Salty and freshwater.
  • Comes with an Advanced flocculating agent.
  • The product is 5.29 ounces.

The Seachem Clarity Clarifier contains compounds that help clean all sorts of cloudiness from the water and makes your aquarium absolutely clear.


  • Comes with an advanced flocculation agent which is considered to be safe for plants and reefs.
  • Great solution to remove bacteria and dirt from the aquarium without the fishes and their environment.


  • When you add it to the water, it makes it even cloudier initially. But this is part of the process of cleaning it.
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5th Water clarifier by Dr Tim’s


  • Used for fish tanks.
  • Aquariums, water filtering, disease treatment.
  • Eco-friendly solution to clear water.
  • Removes all the harmful toxins from the water.
  • Sanitizes saltwater.
  • Adds beneficial bacteria.

This water Clarifier is a one-way solution to all your aquarium problems. It is a totally safe product for sensitive fishes and corals. It treats 240 gallons. It has no harmful chemicals that could affect the fishes and plants inside the aquarium.


  • Flocks all the small particles that result in the clouding of the saltwater aquarium.
  • Its a 100 percent natural and eco-friendly fish tank cleaner.
  • Available in various quantities- 4,8,16,32,64,127 ounces


can make the aquarium milky

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How do I choose the best Water Clarifier?

We just discussed how important it is to make our aquarium water clear and fresh for our fishes. The second matter of concern is how do I choose the best water clarifier?

There are many water clarifiers available in the market, and on Amazon, each product has its own features, merits, and demerits; however, which one is the best for your aquarium?

Here are the ways by which you can identify the best water clarifier for your fish tank-

Freshwater and Saltwater Clarifiers

Many water clarifiers can only be used with saltwater, whereas some classifiers can only be used with freshwater. But many products offer both in one. Therefore you need to identify and find out which one is best for your aquarium because if you choose the wrong product, it is likely to affect the health of organisms in your aquarium. This can even lead to death.

Check the Dosage Instructions

Before you purchase any water clarifier for your aquarium, you need to understand the required amount of dosage.

If you don’t have much experience in using clarifiers, then a dosage guide is a must.

Although all the clarifiers have different dosage guides as they contain different ingredients.

You need to research a bit and understand which is easier for you to use because using excess dosage can also harm the fish.

So go for a product that has minimum guidelines and clear dosage instructions.

Check your Budget

The range of bottle clarifiers varies depending upon their quantity, ingredients, packaging of the product, etc.

Few are quite expensive, whereas few are extremely cheap. So it depends upon you which one clarifier you purchase.

If you don’t have much budget, you can opt for a low-priced water clarifier that does a decent job. But if you can afford the expensive one, we suggest you opt for the clarifier, a high-priced one. As they are of the best quality and give you satisfying results.

If you can’t afford an expensive water clarifier, we suggest you research more and find that one product that fulfills the requirement and is also under your budget. Currently, many clarifiers are capable of working well and are budget-friendly at the same time.

So you need to read customer reviews or research about the ingredients mentioned on the product, and then find the most suitable for your aquarium.

Is a Water Clarifier bad for Fish in my Aquarium?

 This question is the most hyped when it comes to water clarifiers, and many people are desperate to find the answer for this. Many people think that adding water clarifiers to your aquarium might affect the plants and the fishes and make the condition worse for them, especially if they are unaware of the concept of water clarifiers.

But as we just discussed above in the article, most water clarifier products do not harm any aquatic plants or fishes. Instead, they are made to make the water clear and remove all the impurities, bacterial growth, and cloudiness from your water.

Some water clarifiers are made from natural extracts, and good quality water clarifiers do not contain dangerous chemicals to clean water.

However, you need to understand the dosage of the product. If consumed in an excess quantity, it can definitely have a negative impact on your aquarium and might affect fishes.

So it is very important to read the instruction guide before using the product and use the dosage carefully. If you use a clarifier as prescribed on the packaging, then it won’t harm your aquarium in any way.

Keep few things in Mind while using the Water Clarifier

  • Firstly, you must understand whether that particular clarifier is made for your aquarium or not. For example, if your aquarium has saltwater, you must not opt for the freshwater water clarifier.
  • Secondly, you must read the ingredients mentioned in the Product carefully. If any of the ingredients contradict the organisms present in your aquarium, then you must not opt for that particular water clarifier as it may harm the creatures.
  • Lastly, you must keep a check on the kind of fishes and organisms you have in your aquarium. Few kinds of fish might be allergic to few ingredients, which is why you need to understand their needs and the right kind of clarifier.

Hence, the conclusion is that Water clarifiers don’t harm the fishes of other organisms inside the aquarium if they are accurate for the aquarium and used in the right quantity and dosage.

Conclusion – Best Water Clarifier 2024

Water clarifiers are the one-way solution to clear the contaminated water in your aquarium. They help remove the cloudiness of the water and help in separating the tiny solids from liquids.

So if you are tired of constantly cleaning the water by yourself through home remedies, you must stop doing that and immediately opt for water clarifiers.

If you are confused about which water clarifier is best for your aquarium, then read the above-mentioned products to have an idea of the best-suited clarifier for you.

Considering the versatility, the Seachem Clarity Clarifier is the best option. It has all the minimum requirements that an ideal water clarifier should have.

Lastly, if you are fond of having fishes as your pets, looking for their well-being is your responsibility. Water is the home for fishes and other water organisms, so you must take immediate action to see any bacterial growth or cloudiness.

Often, people only feed the fishes and feel they have their part of the job. But cleaning the water from time to time is very important for which water clarifiers are the ultimate solution.


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