Guppy Complete Care Guide 2023

The Guppy is probably considered the beginner fish for aquarium beginners. Hardly any other fish is so popular with beginners due to its easy keeping. It requires little attention and is also very tolerant of water conditions. Nevertheless, as with any other animal, certain knowledge should be required to enable species-appropriate husbandry. In this article, … Read more

How much Aquarium Gravel do I need? + Calculator

Fish tank owners and hobbyists, especially those with aquatic floras planted in their aquariums, must keep in mind that the amount of gravel or substrate placed inside the tank is an essential factor for both pets and plants to survive and grow to their best potential. Keeping an aquarium is not that difficult or complicated, … Read more

Do Betta Fish Sleep?

You have probably wondered if betta fish sleep – especially if you’re new to owning one. In fact, it is not a silly question. Most betta fish owners might have probably wondered this as well. Betta fish can be pretty active most of the time and opens its eyes all the time – that’s why … Read more

Goldfish Complete Care Guide 2023

One of the most popular aquarium fish is probably the goldfish. For more than 1000 years, the goldfish has been kept and bred by humans. Almost everyone knows them and associates them with a typical aquarium. But how is the fish kept in an aquarium and what to look out for? These and many other … Read more

Betta Fish Complete Care Guide 2023

Due to its appearance, the Betta Fish is probably not without reason one of the most popular fish for an aquarium. Especially for the beginning, it is a good option because it also creates a great look alone. The care and keeping of the Betta requires a few but still important knowledge. Especially when it … Read more

Neon Tetra Complete Care Guide 2023

The Neon Tetra is probably one of the most popular and widespread aquarium fish. This is due on the one hand to its great colors but also the uncomplicated care. He gets along as well as with any other fish and requires little knowledge. Nevertheless, as with any fish, there are some aspects to know … Read more

Is Aquarium Water good for Plants?

Owning an aquarium comes with its responsibilities. It also comes with by-products as part of its maintenance. One of the things you need to do regularly is changing the water. Afterward, you have aquarium water left for disposal. The question is, what can you do with the aquarium water? Is it good for the plants … Read more