Best Aquarium Bio Balls 2024 & Handling Guide

Biological filtration is one of the ways to filter aquarium water, and it uses beneficial bacteria in water purification. The bacteria is the primary agent in breaking down ammonia and nitrate and turning them into less toxic compounds. Like the living organisms in the tank, good bacteria also need to thrive by increasing the oxygen … Read more

Best Aquarium-safe Paint 2024 & Buyers Guide

Are you fond of fish too? If you like keeping fish as your pets, it is extremely important to take care of their living environment. An aquarium might be just a small tank for you, but for the fishes, it’s their home. If you don’t keep the fishes under proper and comfortable living conditions, they … Read more

Best Aquarium Test Kits 2024 & Buyers Guide

An important aspect in making sure that fish thrive in an aquarium is to test the water. Just because the water looks pure to your naked eyes, it doesn’t mean that it’s really clean and safe for your aquatic friends. It contains microscopic substances that are harmful to the fish, and one way to detect … Read more

Best Water Clarifier 2024 & Buyers Guide

A lot of times, it has been observed that the cloudy water inside your fish tank consists of pieces of fish food, pollen, algae, dust, and dirt. This makes the water contaminated and dirty. These solids are so tiny and that you can’t clean them. You might need a microscope to examine these solids. This … Read more