Clear-for-Life 40 Gallon Uniquarium Tank Review & Specs

Manufactured by Clear-for-Life Aquariums this 40 Gallon Acrylic Uniquarium joins their vast collection of premium tanks with a built-in filtration system making ideal for Freshwater, Marine, Reef, and Planted setups. As per our other reviews of the Clear-for-life tanks here at MyAquarium this 40 gal tank share the same quality build as others in the range being molded seamless and backed by their limited lifetime guarantee.

In comparison to glass, this acrylic tank is comparably 40% brighter in appearance and not needing supports, rails or silicone provides much better viewing than its 40-gallon glass counterparts. Being a Uniquarium it features a unique 3-in-1 filtration system combining mechanical, chemical and biological into one section allowing you to just set up, cycle, check nitrate and ph levels before introducing your choice of aquatics. Furthermore, being acrylic, modifications to the tank can easily be made without risking fracturing or damaging the remainder of the tank, note this will void the guarantee.

Clear-For-Life 40 Gal Uniquarium Filtration System

The aquarium doesn’t include lighting or a hood although you can easily add standard sized LED lighting to suit. Being a molded acrylic tank, standing at 36” Long x 15” Wide x 16”, rather than having seamed pieces of glass algae can grow around the edges thus require a little hands-on cleaning rather than just using an external magnetic cleaner (not ideal for acrylic either as particles can trap and scrape the material). Many users of the Uniquarium filtration system swap out the bio balls over time with live rubble rock due to over nitration.

This Clear-for-Life Uniquarium is a solid investment for any aquatic fanatic, whether you are getting started and want an all in one tank, looking for a feature piece for your home or a looking to build out a planted / reef aquarium. Two colors are currently available to purchase, Blue and Sapphire Blue.

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Clear-for-Life 40 Gallon Rectangle Uniquarium Specifications


Clear-for-Life 40 Gallon Uniquarium Tank


40 Gallons


36″ Wide x 15″ Length x 16″ High

Type of Habitat







Lifetime Limited

What's included?

Pre-drilled tank


$$$$ – Premium Quality tank, Reef and Plant Ready.


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  1. So I’m having trouble finding the filter replacement pads or carbon or whatever is in the uniquarium. If somebody can offer any help it would be greatly appreciated. I’ve tried making my own bagged carbon and using the cut to size filter pads but it doesn’t seem to work properly is there a website anybody knows of that sells replacement?


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