Clear-For-Life 50 Gallon Pentagon Aquarium – Review & Specs

If you’re looking for an untraditional large capacity tank shape that is suitable for placement in a corner, then the Clear-For-Life 50-gallon pentagon aquarium might be the best choice for you.

This pentagon is really a modified triangle when you look at it closely, with the small front corners at the proper angle to afford a viewing port when looking at the tank from the front. As such, a third of the vertical surface of this tank is visible at all times – as opposed to the smaller surface area offered by a square tank.

The result of this angle manipulation is a better view of your fish, and the crystal clear acrylic panels offer a better view than any other type of tank material. This tank is suitable for any type of aquarium and would make a lovely saltwater environment with plenty of room to view a coral reef and exotic, brightly colored fish.

This is a core tank, so you’ll need all of the other components necessary to start your aquarium, including a stand. It’s advised to get a corner mounted stand if you intend to use this tank for that purpose. It certainly can be placed next to a flat wall without issue, but the shape makes it more popular among those seeking a corner placed fish tank setup.

A pump, filter, and heater are also necessary – and you’ll need some lights to place in the hood. That’s it! Install those components and you’re all set to fill. To find out more and check availability for the Clear-for-life 50 Gallon Pentagon aquarium, click here.

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Clear-for-life 50 Gallon Pentagon Aquarium Specifications


Clear-For-Life 50 Gallon Pentagon Aquarium


50 Gallons


24″ Length x 24″ Wide x 24″ High

Type of Habitat



Pentagon (Corner)




Lifetime Limited

What's included?



$$$ – High quality tank.


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