Clear-For-Life 75 Gallon Rectangle UniQuarium – Review & Specs

Clear-for-Life Aquariums are deemed to be the highest quality on the market. Because it is a UniQuarium this 75 Gallon Aquarium is easy to use and setup regardless of prior aquatic knowledge. A combined 3-in-1 filtration system sits centrally in the back of the aquarium providing chemical, biological and mechanical filters which are virtually silent making the tank perfect for Saltwater, Marine, Freshwater or Reef Setups.

Being an acrylic tank Clear-for-life 75 Gallon Aquarium provides a brighter, more vibrant and stronger environment than that of glass. In contrast to glass, acrylic aquariums do not shatter and are better at retaining water temperature helping to prevent environmental fluctuations. Supplied with a limited lifetime guarantee this rectangular aquarium (48” Wide x 18” Deep x 20” High) is a solid and secure investment; when purchasing you can choose from 3 background colors to suit your taste.

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Clear-For-Life 75 Gallon Rectangle UniQuarium Specifications


Clear-For-Life 75 Gallon Rectangle UniQuarium


75 Gallons


48″ Length x 18″ Wide x 20″ High

Type of Habitat







Limited Lifetime against leaks.

What's included?

Pre-drilled 3-in-1 UniQuarium biological, chemical and mechanical filter. Single pump and Light hood.


$$$$$ – Market leading quality aquarium.


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