Every parent wants to teach their kids the value of taking care of someone or something precious to them. There is no better way to do that than to give your kids pets of their own. But giving them a cat or a dog will not be a big deal anymore because this is a common trend in different parts of the world. In fact, it can be safely inferred that every single day that passes by, a parent gives his or her child a pet and it can either be a dog or a cat. If you really want to make this a special thing for your special someone, why not try to give him or her a 5-gallon aquarium? And while you are still at it, why don’t you give your kid a bunch of fish that he or she can nurture and help to grow? That way, you’ll be teaching them the value of being able to take good care of something or someone important to them.

A small step towards becoming a good parent

You might argue about this because it is very much early for your kids to be exposed to this very idea – parenting. But that’s the whole idea of having a pet. Whether you have a cat or a dog or some fish in a 5-gallon aquarium, you are training yourself to be a good parent. You nurture your pet like you will nurture your kids in the future. You will feed them and take good care of them like you will when you finally have kids. The point is that this is a perfect opportunity for you to teach your children about responsibilities.

Remind your kids to do his or her part in taking care of the gift you gave

Aside from teaching your kids to be a responsible parent, you can also use this opportunity to shape your kid as a better individual. You can start by helping him or her clean the 5 gallon aquarium you have given then let him or her do the work alone in the coming future. You can make your kid agree to make sure that the place where the aquarium is being kept remains clean. That’s another good thing that can come out from giving your kid an aquarium as a gift.

Use this to have some quality moments with your kid

Remember that this can also be a chance for you to be a better parent to your kid. During times when you are off duty, you can encourage your kid to clean the 5 gallon aquarium together with you. That should be alright for as long as it is not a repeated act so that your kid can also act on it alone. This should be enough for you to build a stronger bond with your kid. That’s more than enough reason for you to treat this idea as more than just spending money to give a gift to your kid because of a special occasion.