All Glass Aquariums 90 Gallon Tank – Review & Specs

This 90 Gallon aquarium in black with a MegaFlow Overflow system comes to you from AllGlass Aquariums and is perfectly designed, with maximum water flow allowed to the main filter system and a reduction of cascading water sounds.

For anyone serious about owning fish, a 90-gallon tank is a great choice because it is large enough to accommodate many different species and This is one of the best. Made out of glass and black bracings, this tank is strong enough to accommodate all of your accessories and decorative items, your substrate and however many fish you can put in that can be supported within the 90-gallon habitat.

The way that this innovative tank works is by drawing water from the surface as well as from the midrange and lower levels of your aquarium and this means that the circulation and filtration of the water are more effective than with other tanks. This tank works much better than comparable tanks, with a maximum flow rate of GPH with every overflow. The MegaFlow system needs to be secured to the bank wall of the aquarium with silicone to reach maximum efficiency.

MegaFlow is the system that filters the best, with unfiltered water passing through the drainpipe and out of the tank to the sump system with the filtered water getting pumped back into the tank at the highest available GPH available. The price is unbeatable for a tank this size.

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All Glass Aquariums 90 Gallon Tank Specifications


All Glass Aquariums 90 Gallon Tank


90 Gallons


48.5″ Length x 18.5″ Width x 25.4″ Width

Type of Habitat

Aquatic / Reptile (Removing megaflow)







What's included?



$$$$ – Pre-drilled tank with overflow.


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