Is Aquarium Water good for Plants?

Owning an aquarium comes with its responsibilities. It also comes with by-products as part of its maintenance. One of the things you need to do regularly is changing the water. Afterward, you have aquarium water left for disposal. The question is, what can you do with the aquarium water? Is it good for the plants you have at home?

We are all in constant incentive to recycle. Even water waste is not excused from recycling. As a result, it seems wasteful to throw aquarium water immediately. It’s still a source of water, only with traces of previous use.

There might be some other way to use it again.

One of the ways to do this is by using aquarium water to water plants.

Short Answer

Aquarium water is good for plants if you consider a few things:

  1. The water should not be from a saltwater fish tank.
  2. Be sure that the water does not contain chemicals if you want to use it for vegetable plants.

One of the benefits of watering plants with aquarium water is that you save money. Because you have to change the water regularly, it just can be used for watering plants. Another benefit of using old water is that there are bacteria and microorganisms in aquarium water. These are beneficial for plants. This also applies to the minerals in the fish tank water.

All the benefits of using aquarium water for plants can be seen here:

Long Answer

Now you know that aquarium water is good for plants. In the following, we want to give you deeper information. Thus we will answer the following questions:

  • Why is Fish Tank Water good for plants?
  • What are the Benefits of Using Aquarium Water for Plants?
  • Is old Aquarium Water good for my Indoor Plants?
  • Can I use Fish Tank Water for Garden Plants?
  • Is Fish Tank Water good for Vegetable Plants?
  • What else can I do with my old Aquarium Water?

Why is Fish Tank Water good for plants?

Dirty aquarium water is not good for the fishes in the aquarium. This is one of the reasons why you need to change the water regularly. The substrates that build in the water over time can be lethal to the fishes. While it is bad for the fishes, fish tank water is good for most plants. You can use it again as plant water after draining some amounts from the aquarium.

Fish tank water is full of bacteria and microorganisms. These microscopic species are beneficial to the plants. You can call it good bacteria. Moreover, the fish tank water is also full of minerals like phosphorus and nitrogen. This contributes to lusher plant growth.

You don’t need to worry now about the health of your plants. If you have a rich water source that helps plants grow, they will develop well. You can count on fish tank water to serve as your source of fertilizer for the plants.

Nevertheless, before pouring it into your plants, find out if they are salt-water or treated with chemicals.

What are the Benefits of Using Aquarium Water for Plants?

Using aquarium water for plants has benefits and advantages. Besides containing good bacteria and minerals for plants, aquarium water saves water costs too.

Can you imagine using gallons of water for your fish tank and another batch for your plants as well? You’ll feel the cost of your water bill running high with these additions in your household.

Running water and regular water maintenance can be costly. If you have an aquarium, prepare to spend more than usual on its maintenance. However, where there is a cost for the aquarium, you can save more for plant maintenance. Aquarium water rich with ammonia can serve as an alternative fertilizer.

You can consider it a form of recycling. Repurpose the water you have in your aquarium for plants. This means that you don’t need to have clean water for plants. The aquarium water can save you money in benefit for plant use. Cut back on water cost and hit two birds with one stone using aquarium water.

Is old Aquarium Water good for my Indoor Plants?

Old aquarium water comes from your fish tanks. Think of ways to save more and use less. Reuse your aquarium water. You can put them in your indoor pots. Your indoor plants can benefit from the nutrients and good bacteria coming from old aquarium water. This is one of the most common ways to recycle aquarium water.

Indoor plants also function as a purifier for aquarium water. Species of indoor plants like climbing figs and lucky bamboos work well with old aquarium water. For some species of fish, indoor plants within the aquarium are vital for survival. The symbiotic relationship between the fishes and the plants is translated with the aquarium water.

There are many noticeable comparisons between fish tank filters and emergent plants. Arguably, some indoor plants filter the water better than filters in the market. By placing emergent plants or amphibious indoor plants in the aquarium, your old aquarium water lasts longer.

Heighten the use of the aquarium water. Add clean water first if the aquarium water is too old. This dilutes the amount of beneficial solute present in the water. Afterward, pour them to your indoor plants.

Can I use Fish Tank Water for Garden Plants?

Depending on the fish tank water condition, most fish tank water is beneficial for garden plants. If you want to optimize the use of old fish tank water and reuse it, just make sure it’s not coming from a salt-water tank.

Potted plants will likely suffer from the salt-water solution. The plant will gradually die if you keep using salt-water. Too much salt can interfere with the natural processes of the plants. When the salt-water stays in the pot, the roots absorb it normally.

However, the dense nature of the salt-water solution makes osmosis difficult or impossible for the potted plant.

Saltwater tanks can be harmful to garden plants. Water that is too old can also be harmful to garden plants. Use the best kind of fish tank water for your garden plants. The best kind of water comes as the non-saline water by-product from regular (around 25% water change weekly) fish tank maintenance.

Is Fish Tank Water good for Vegetable Plants?

Yes, fish tank water is good for vegetable plants. Since fish tank water contains necessary minerals that grow vegetable plants, they help in its cultivation. However, there are limitations with the fish tank water you will use. Make sure that the water didn’t have any chemical treatment for the fishes.

Since vegetable plants are for consumption, it’s best to water it with natural water. Fish tank water mixed with all kinds of treatments and chemicals is unsuitable for vegetable plants. Imagine preparing dishes with vegetables seeping through treated water. Though it can be relatively harmless, it might seem unhygienic.

What else can I do with my old Aquarium Water?

Recycling fish tank water is a good step towards good waste management. If you want to up your game, you can store old aquarium water for general cleaning use.

For example, if you need additional water to drain something in your drainage, you can use the aquarium water.

If you want to have water stock for your plants, use the old aquarium water. To increase the volume of your stock, dilute it with water. This way, you have spare water for new plants that can benefit from old aquarium water.

Conclusion – Is Aquarium Water good for Plants?

Aquarium water has many uses and benefits. This is true even after the fishes in the aquarium are done using the water. Water recycling applies to aquarium water. It also helps you lessen waste disposals in your home.

Aquarium water is good for plants, but you need to find ways to optimize it too. Either way, you can always find a good use for aquarium water.

For most plants, the presence of minerals and bacteria from the fishes help in their growth. For other plants meant for consumption, it’s best to double the check the age and condition of the water.

Build a system within your aquarium and your plants and lessen your water usage too. Aquaponics is becoming a rising trend and lifestyle for anybody. The essence of the practice is reusing water filled with nutrients. This does a sustainable practice for plants and fishes.


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