Large Aquariums: What’s the best Size?

If your planning to get a large aquarium, then you have quite a few choices. Large aquariums generally start at about 75 gallons and then go up from there. Generally, you won’t want to get any larger than 150 gallons, although there may be tanks available that are larger than that. But choosing the right size from all the sizes between 75 and 150 gallons can be challenging, and it all comes down to what you are planning to keep in the space. Here is a guide to choosing the right sized large aquarium, starting with the smallest.

75-Gallon Aquariums

The first thing that you need to understand about your aquarium is that it is going to weigh a whole lot after you fill it up with water, so the large the aquarium, the more sturdy of a stand you are going to have to find. With that being said, most of the time, larger is better, but for many fish, a 75-gallon aquarium will do splendidly. You can keep species like Serpae Tetra, Zebra Danio, Scissortail Rasbora, Glowlight and Diamond Tetra and Pearl Danio in this size tank as well as other types of fish. To make life easy finding an aquarium that suits your aquatic needs MyAquarium compared 14 large aquariums starting at 75 gallons, take a look here to find out more.

80-Gallon Aquariums

When it comes to choosing an aquarium, the stand is just as important as the aquarium itself, and so, your choice of aquarium size will depend upon what type of stand you choose. It is often best to choose a stand first, and then decide upon what size aquarium will fit safely and securely on your stand. An 80-gallon tank often has the same footprint of the same 75-gallon tank and is taller instead, and the same type of fish can work for 80-gallon aquariums as the 75-gallon variety.

90-Gallon Aquariums

The 90-gallon aquarium is a little different than its 75 and 80-gallon cousins. When it comes to a fish tank this size, it is a job best left to professionals or at least to those who have some experience keeping fish, because tanks this large require extra work. That being said, a large tank like this will look amazing in just about any room of the house. The type of fish that are best for 90-gallon tanks are saltwater fish, and when it comes to keeping saltwater fish, the larger the tank the better, because they can become ill faster than freshwater fish if the tank becomes toxic. The larger the tank the more time you’ll have between cleanings before the water becomes harmful to the fish – depending upon the size and amount of fish that you are keeping.

125-Gallon Aquariums

The benefit to these super-sized aquariums is that they are easier to take care of, for the aforementioned reason of not needing cleaning as often (again, if you have a lot of fish this might not be true) and the risk of airborne toxins accumulating enough to poison your fish is much lower. However, you’re going to need a very sturdy stand, because we’re looking at over 1000 pounds (half a ton) total weight after adding the water. The benefit of these aquarium sizes is that you are able to keep much larger fish happily.

150-Gallon Aquariums

These are wonderful showpieces for any room.

As with the 125-gallon tank, these are wonderful showpieces for any room, but with a 150-gallon tank, the weight is going to be about 1500 pounds and you’re probably going to have to spend some serious money here. With both the 125 and 150 gallon tanks, you need more equipment and you have more fish species choices. With a tank this large you also have the added benefit of reaching your creating potential with toys and décor for your 150-gallon fishtank.


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