Marineland 55 Gallon Aquarium, Stand and Lighting – Review & Specs

Marineland 55 Gallon Aquarium Complete with Stand.Marineland 55 Gallon aquarium and stand combination create a stylish foundation for your fish tank setup. With 55 gallons of water capacity, you’ll have plenty of room to house numerous fish species.

Tank dimensions are nicely balanced, at 48” wide, 14.9” long and 30” high. This low, wide profile creates a low center of gravity for enhanced tank stability should it get bumped into. The stand provides a solid foundation to support this weight, and the dark wood finish matches a wide range of furniture. Two shelves help provide room for storage or decoration to further enhance your living space.

Starting off with these core components still leaves you plenty of room for customization. You can pick out your own preferred pump and filter, select a heating system ideal for your needs, and tailor your equipment to support either saltwater or freshwater fish. The 55-gallon capacity even provides plenty of room for a coral reef, should you choose to go this route.

In addition to the tank and stand, there’s one additional piece of equipment included – an integrated LED lighting setup built into the tank’s hood. These low energy, environmentally friendly lights are engineered to illuminate this specific tank, so you won’t have to worry about bothersome dark spots that make it hard to find your fish. They also last longer than regular bulbs.

If you want a stylish aquarium foundation, while still having plenty of room to customize the details of your equipment, this Marineland tank is a great place to start.

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Marineland 55 Gallon Aquarium, Stand, and Lighting Specifications


Marineland 55 Gallon Aquarium, Stand and Lighting


55 Gallons

Dimensions Tank

48″ Wide x 13″ Length x 20″ High

Dimensions Stand

49.4″ Wide x 14.9″ Length 30″ High

Type of Habitat







1 Year.

What's included?

LED lighting and stand.


$ – Very Good Value.


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