Marineland 37 Gallon LED Hood Aquarium & Stand Ensemble Review & Specs

Treat you and your fish to a special experience in this premium 37-gallon aquarium and stand ensemble by Marineland. This medium-sized tank is a great way to start or to upgrade an existing setup offering great value for money and high quality, versatile product.

The tank is manufactured from high-quality glass providing great views into the tank and includes a modern storage stand ensemble, including two shelves below the tank allowing for the storage of any aquatic accessories and providing a suitable environment to set your aquarium on without the need to buy another piece separately.

The tank is reasonably sized with dimensions of 30″ wide x 12″ long x 22″ high with the ensemble taking up extra space. This aquarium also includes a 45-LED light hood adding to the amazing value with these extra inclusions all added into the suite which sells for the same price as a regular glass 37-gallon tank on its own. The tank is suitable for both freshwater and marine species as well as a variety of fish species making the tank extremely versatile with extensive potential for first-time aquarium owners to long time aquatic fanatics.

The tanks large size may make it more tiresome and difficult to clean, especially when reaching into the bottom however this is an issue with all medium to large exhibits. Thus, Marineland has developed a very high quality, durable aquarium with lots of extra goodies included as well. This tank is a must not miss product on the market and would be highly recommended to any fish owner looking to establish a new setup or upgrade from an existing tank.

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Marineland 37 Gallon LED Hood Aquarium & Stand Ensemble Specifications


Marineland 37 Gallon LED Hood Aquarium & Stand Ensemble


37 Gallons

Dimensions Tank

30" Wide x 12" Length x 22" High

Dimensions Stand

32" Wide x 14" Length x 28" High

Type of Habitat







1 Year.

What's included?

LED lighting and 2 shelf stand.


$ - Very Good Value.



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