Marineland 38 Gallon Aquarium Starter Kit Review & Specs

The Marineland 38 gallon aquarium starter kit is the perfect piece for beginner aquarists looking for a medium-large size aquarium which includes everything one needs to start a simple setup. The aquarium is 38 gallons in volume, slightly smaller than the standard 40-gallon offerings available with dimensions of 32 x 17 x 26 inches making it perfect for most locations.

The tank itself is made of glass with a curved glass front making for spectacular viewing surrounded by a black frame creating a strong, sturdy and durable structure. The kit also included are all the basic accessories a novice aquarium owner will need for sound daily operations of the aquarium. These are a Penguin BIO-Wheel filter, a great small beginners filter to ensure clean water built for a tank of this size. Similarly, a net, glass canopy, and LED lights are also combined in this spectacular package which are all necessities for any fish or aquarium owner. All of these extras are included with the tank for an extremely low price providing excellent value without the product quality being compromised.

This innovative package by Marineland has also been well received by aquarium owners worldwide. This is because the Marine 38 gallon starter kit includes everything one needs to get started in the aquarium world at a much cheaper cost than purchasing a tank and accessories individually making it great value for money. Therefore, this tank is great for beginners and would have to be one of Marineland’s best and most comprehensive medium-large sized tanks on the market. It provides a great, versatile set up suitable for both freshwater and saltwater varieties that would look great in any household. For more information, to check the latest price and availability click here.

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Marineland 38 Gallon Fish Tank Starter Kit Specifications


Marineland 38 Gallon Aquarium Starter Kit


38 Gallons


32.2" Wide x 17.12" Long x 25.7" High

Type of Habitat



Bow Front Tank





What's included?

Day and Night Led lighting, hoods, 200w heater, net, glass canopy hood, Penguin filteration & filter cartridge.


$$ - Good Value.



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  1. I’m having trouble finding a stand large enough without a ton of wasted space. Anyone else have this tank and know what stand they use or have a link or idea of a stand that is a good size for this tank. Where did you get the stand you use with it. Please Email me recomendations


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