This 75 Gallon Fishtank from Perfecto Manufacturing (Marineland) is a simple setup ready for you to adapt to suit your aquatic, reptile or other small furry friends. Assembled with distortion-free glass and being silicone sealed you will have a great view of your pets, and if filled with water leak-free. Marineland/Perfecto Manufacturing is renowned for quality aquariums and vivariums having built and assembled tanks since 1969.

The tank is made of beautiful, sturdy glass offset by black oak framing and it is a simple tank to install and it is lighter than many other large aquariums so it is easier to move if you ever need to. This aquarium is 48x18x21 inches and the name says it all. This beautiful tank with a black finish is large enough to accommodate not only the animals that you want to keep in it but also the accessories and decorations that you need to make it look amazing.

It is safe and secure and large enough for you to use it to keep several different pets. For anyone who wants a basic design without any unnecessary frills and features that make the price tag go up, this is definitely one of the best aquarium tanks out there, suitable for all kinds of different creatures and solid enough to hold water without leaking, and with 75-gallon capacity, you have the ability to keep every type of fish, reptile or mammal, even larger species.

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Perfecto Manufacturing APF97003 75 Gallon Tank Specifications

Dimensions48″ Length x 18″ Width x 21″ High
Type of HabitatAquatic, Reptile or Small Pet.
What’s included?Distortion free glass.
Price$$$ – Quality product suited to multiple uses.



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  • Heather
    Posted November 23, 2019 1:49 am 0Likes

    I have the Perfecto Manufacturing APF97003 75 Gal Tank and need replacement glass covers but can’t find any. Can someone please help me? I’m at a complete loss and can’t even find their website. I know for one glass cover the measurements are 22.75×16.75 (give or take a few cm due to human error).

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