SeaClear 50 Gal System 2 Aquarium Review & Specs

The 50 Gallon System 2 Aquarium from Sea Clear is one of their top of the range tanks, being easier to set up courtesy of their pre-plumbed with an internal wet/dry filtration system. This unique mechanical, biological and chemical filtration system is built into the rear of the tank (which uses around 8 gallons of the total 50-gallon space) and provides space (if you need it) for a heater and an optional SeaClear Protein Skimmer. Many owners choose to swap the bio-balls for a refugium or live rock rubble to balance nitrate levels better.

This aquarium stands at 36″ Length x 15″ Wide x 20″ High, is available in two colors (black and cobalt blue) and is suited to both fresh and saltwater environments. This setup can be taken straight out the box and is ready to use courtesy of the filtration system and the included 350gph submersible pump (albeit nitrate levels will need to balance first). A black hood is included with fixtures ready for florescent bulbs to be fitted.

Being made of acrylic tank visibility is roughly 4% clearer than that of a glass alternative, whilst the material is both up to 17x stronger and 20% better at insulating. Furthermore being chemically/heat bonded the acrylic edges are weld together effectively becoming a single piece of plastic. This 50 Gallon SeaClear aquarium is backed by their limited lifetime warranty, making it pretty much break and leak proof.


  1. A 4-way adjustable skimmer gate stops fish entering the filter.
  2. Cleaning is made easy by the quick change pre-filter.
  3. Area for the optional Protein Skimmer or heater.
  4. Bio Air Drip tray evenly disperses water over the biological filtration to improve aeration.
  5. Area for biological media initially supplied with Bio-Balls, as mentioned many choose to change for rock rubble.
  6. Air-Injection Nozzle
  7. Chemical carbon filtration media tray
  8. Included Submersible 350 GBH pump
  9. Transparent slot to check the filter water level
  10. Industry-leading circulation turbulence manifold
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SeaClear 50 Gallon System II Specifications


SeaClear 50 Gallon System II


50 Gallons


36″ Length x 15″ Wide x 20″ High

Type of Habitat







Limited Lifetime

What's included?

350 Gph Pump, 3-in-1 System 2 Filtration, Hood fitted with florescent fittings


$$$$ – Top of the range Aquarium


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  1. Which heater is recommended? I’m getting one for freshwater fish. First time tank owner? I will be getting the protien skimmer as well. Will I need anything else?

  2. I need a new pump for the inside back water circulation. Can ya’s recommend one, that will work & fit the 50G aquarium?


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