This SeaClear aquarium is a rectangular tank with a cobalt blue background to provide a more pleasant stage for your fish to swim around. It’s acrylic, so it weighs less than half what a glass one would – something that’s nice of a 50-gallon aquarium.

Since it’s an unusual shape, they include a hood, so there’s no problem with finding a hood to match. It’s set up with a lighting fixture suitable for a fluorescent bulb, although the bulb itself is not included. Simply pick up one that fits, pop it into place, and your lighting setup is ready to go.

One thing that makes this tank different from other acrylic options is the use of molecular bonding to join the seams. This is a much more effective manufacturing technique in comparison to simple glue methods, so you can rest assured your tank will offer a watertight seal for years to come – something that’s quite important when dealing with 50 gallons of water that could cause damage if contained in a lower quality aquarium.

All manufacturing materials are entirely safe for any type of aquarium, so no matter if you’re looking at a freshwater tank or a more exotic saltwater setup, you’ll be all set to go. Just choose an appropriate filter, snap the bulb in place, install a heater, set it on a stand, and you’re ready to fill. After a day or so for the water to settle, you’ll be ready to add fish to your tank and enjoy it.

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SeaClear 50 Gallon Rectangular Aquarium Specifications

Dimensions36″ Length x 24″ Wide x 18″ High
Type of HabitatAquatic
WarrantyLimited Lifetime
What’s included?24w Light included
Price$$ – Great Value Complete Aquarium