Starfire Rimless 80 Gallon Rectangle Aquarium – Review & Specs

When it comes to 80-gallon aquariums there aren’t many better than the 80-gallon StarFire aquarium with center overflow. It is a huge aquarium that measures 32 inches by 24 inches by 24 inches and has a number of features and accessories that go along with it. The rectangle-shaped Starfire rimless tank features 10mm thick glass designed to give you a crystal clear visual your expect from your aquarium whilst (obviously) supporting the weight of the water.

It has an overflow box already built-in that features pre-drilled drain and return holes that you can connect to your sump and a 1” drain bulkhead and a ½” return bulkhead are both included. Also, the Starfire includes a return T-Pipe (dual return) and a Durso standpipe and Loc lines. It has everything that you need to set up your aquarium and begin raising any species of fish that you desire.

Starfire Fish Tank Setup Instructions

The dimensions of this tank mean that it is large enough for even your most eclectic habitat with all of the accessories that you need to create your perfect saltwater, freshwater or planted aquarium. This 80 gallon Starfire aquarium is sure to please even the experienced fish owner and will make a beautiful centerpiece for any living room.

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Starfire Rimless 80 Gallon Rectangle Aquarium Specifications


Starfire Rimless 80 Gallon Rectangle Aquarium


80 Gallons


32″ Length x 24″ Wide x 24″ High

Type of Habitat







3 Years.

What's included?

Pre-drilled, 1″ Drain Bulkhead, 1/2″ return bulkhead, Return T Pipe (dual return), Loc Lines, Durso Stand Pipe


$$$ – Stunning modern tank.


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