Tetra 75 Gallon STS26923 Reptile Enclosure & Vivarium – Review & Specs

This Reptile Enclosure by TetraFauna is innovative because of the way that the locking screen allows for one-handed operation. It is extremely durable and has three different cam locks. One of those cam locks can even be fitted with a padlock. And you don’t have to worry about the dangers of keeping small or even tiny reptiles or feeding your animals too small of prey because the back lip runs the full length of the screen, preventing the escape of insects, tiny reptile species and young. The back frame of the habitat is punched out so that you can route your cord without it being in the way.

There are a lot of great features with the Tetra USA (part of the Marineland Family) reptile enclosure, commonly called a vivarium. It is 75-gallon capacity so your reptiles have plenty of places to run and be active and you can create the right warm and cool zones so that your animals are comfortable. TetraFauna is well-known for making secure and comfortable products for your animals, and you can depend upon solid metal construction and perfect seams to create a habitat that will last for many years to come and will last through any heating materials you want to put inside.

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Tetra 75 Gallon STS26923 Reptile Enclosure & Vivarium Specifications


Tetra 75 Gallon STS26923 Reptile Enclosure & Vivarium


75 Gallons


48″ Length x 18″ Wide x 20″ High

Type of Habitat

Reptile and Pet.







What's included?

Easy heat lamp installation.


$$ – Good value enclosure.


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