Tetra Reptile 75-Gallon STS26926 Deluxe Slide Door Enclosure – Review & Specs

The Tetra STS26926 with a deluxe sliding door is a 75-gallon cage that is perfect as a vivarium – a habitat for reptiles. It has a screened top with a solid construction, made out of metal and you can easily open the door with one hand. This TetraFauna vivarium has a unique design that allowed for draining and returns. There is a hole in the lower pane of glass with the return port in the center of the back panel. Tetra is part of the Marineland family of products so you can depend upon them for quality and reliability.

If you want the perfect display cage to keep reptiles like snakes, lizards and more, then the Tetra Usa vivarium is a great choice. It features a lower panel bulkhead that allows the tank to sit sturdily on a stage or a table if the drain isn’t going to be used. The ventilation track on the door handle not only has a locking mechanism, but it can be used with a padlock. The filling capacity is 75 gallons. When you have a reptile, they need the right amount of space to move around and you want to have plenty of space to put the accessories that you are going to use to give them hot and cool zones as well as spruce it up to your own creative vision. This is the perfect aquarium/vivarium/reptile enclosure to do that with.

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Tetra Reptile 75-Gallon STS26926 Specifications


Tetra Reptile 75-Gallon STS26926 Deluxe Slide Door Enclosure


75 Gallons


48″ Length x 18″ Wide x 21″ High

Type of Habitat

Reptile and Pet.







What's included?

Rear panel bulkhead, Padlock Compatible.


$$$ – Quality Vivarium / Pet Enclosure.


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    • The best price at the moment is $386 from Amazon, if this is out of your price range take a look at PetCo they’ve got loads of large terrariums.
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