Does it feel like your 75-gallon aquarium looks boring? This is a challenge that all large fish tanks owners have to deal with. The extra space is what makes the design feel bland, but fortunately, there are many things that you can do to add that “special something” to your aquarium and make it look livelier and natural.

We know that most people don’t have enough spare time to research what aquarium experts have to say about design, and we did that so that you don’t have to! Without any further ado, today we are going to show you the top 5 best tips to make a large fish tank livelier.

#1 Add Multiple Kinds of Plants

The fastest and simplest way to design a beautiful large fish tank that feels alive is to add multiple kinds of plants. Combining a diverse array of plants into the aquarium will give it that natural look that you are searching for. Not only that, but you can also use plants of different shapes and colors to make the aquarium look more aesthetically pleasing.

#2 Rocks, Coral or Driftwood

Another fast way to make your aquarium look more professional is to add rocks, coral, or driftwood. You can incorporate colored stones alongside coral to enhance the overall vibe and feel of the aquarium. The coral will make the colored skin pigment of your fish stand out more than ever.

We want to mention that you should not incorporate items that you find outside of the tank. They might contain bacteria, and instead, you should use special fish tank decorations. Keep in mind that you will need to clean the aquarium more regularly. Here is where vacuum cleaner filters come in and save the day.

#3 Choose Mid-Level Fish

If you think that your fish are not active enough, then you should consider adding mid-level fish species. They will instantly become the centerpiece of your display, and the aquarium will feel livelier. You should try and introduce as many colorful species as you can. Guppies are a great example of mid-level fish. Another great tip here is to include both larger and smaller schooling fish.

#4 Use a Special Background to Enhance the Design

Using a special background to enhance the natural design of a large aquarium is the oldest trick in the book when it comes to fish tanks. If you want your fish tank to look professional, then your best choice is a solid color background. Try to avoid bright colored backgrounds because they will more than often “steal” the spotlight.

#5 Use the Lights to Cast Highlights and Shadows

You are probably using lights to highlight your aquarium already. This is why our last tip is to use lights to create interesting shadows that simulate the natural environment of fish. You can position a light so that it shines on one side of the tank, and this will cast unique shapes. You can also use high-intensity spotlights to highlight a specific part of the fish tank in order to make it the focal point and draw in the attention of the viewer.