Technically classed as a breeder tank this Top Fin 40-gallon hooded aquarium weighs in at 52lbs when empty and 320lbs when full. The tank is 36” wide, 18” long and 16” tall and built with a one-piece black center braced frame to prevent bowing. This Top Fin tank comes with a plastic hood ready for a fluorescent tube fitting and is built with distortion-free glass to enhance visibility. Many owners have customized and drilled these glass Top Fin tanks adding filtration and stumps as only the base is tempered (confirmed by supplier).

As mentioned this Top Fin aquarium is classed as a breeder, thus it is taller and slimmer than a few of its counterparts. Being a relatively small tank, when compared to 55 or 60-gallon setups, they are good starter setups enabling aquatic enthusiasts to master the environment before perhaps upgrading to something larger. Albeit supplied with fluorescent lighting to suit an aquatic environment, simply by fitting a UV tube this tank could also be used as a vivarium. Being a PetSmart own brand, Top Fin, you can trust the manufacturing quality of the product will keep your aquatics safe and sound.

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Capacity40 Gallons
Dimensions36″ Wide x 18″ Long x 16″ High
Type of HabitatAquatic, Pet, Reptile (Vivarium)
What’s included?Black hood with Fluorescent fitting
Price$$ – Good value aquarium