About Us

MyAquarium was setup to simply share and provide aquatic expertise for those looking for a larger fish tank. Hours of time and effort have been put in to creating a comprehensive website that offers a one stop shop for those looking to start or upgrade to a new fish tank or reptile vivarium.

Broken down into three categories our MyAquarium.net should answer all your questions in one place.

  1. The aquarium section provides details, manufacturer specification, photos and reviews of 75 Gallon Aquariums (or larger) split for both fish and reptiles.
  2. Whether you are looking to kit your aquarium or vivarium out with heaters, filters, pumps, lights or decorations you can find a wide variety of products reviewed with in-depth descriptions to aid your search.
  3. Our unique guides provide checklists, recommendations and advice for any avid enthusiast.
    If you would like to contribute, please contact us.

I hope you find the site both of interest and benefit.