This high-quality Aqueon / All Glass 10037 tank is made entirely of glass providing at 37 gallons is a great way to start your next aquarium. This simple, modern rectangular aquarium made of premium, strong glass is available in black or oak trim allowing you the choice the customize your tank. It is slightly smaller than a standard 40-gallon tank but still provides extensive and tranquil views through the large glass panes and offers plenty of space making it extremely versatile.

Aqueon Aquariums also employ one-piece center braced frames to prevent glass bowing increasing the lifespan and quality of the product through structural strength. These features make the tank easy to set up, maintain and suitable for a variety of applications including freshwater, marine, reef, and planted setups. The tank itself is very reasonably priced and good value for money however it doesn’t include a hood or lighting although these can be purchased separately to suit your needs.

The tank is also quite large with dimensions of 30.2″ wide x 12.5″ deep x 22.8″ high and a total weight of around 46 pounds. As a result, it may be harder to clean than smaller tanks with some customers reporting it difficult to reach into the bottom of the tank during cleaning and rearranging although this a downside with all larger aquariums.

Overall, Aqueon Aquariums have produced an outstanding and high-quality tank which is created for beginners and professionals alike and would be a fantastic investment for any aquatic fanatic.

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Capacity37 Gallons
Dimensions30.3″ Wide x 12.5″ Long x 22.8″ High
Type of HabitatAquatic, Reptile (Vivarium)
What’s included?Aquarium
Price$$ – Good value quality aquarium