SeaClear 40 Gallon Aquarium Review & Specs

This Sea Clear 40 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium stands at 36” wide, 15” long and 16” high, available in two colors; suites reef, marine, salt, and freshwater aquatics. Sea Clear Tanks are renowned for quality, selling some of the best aquariums on the market, to back this up a limited lifetime guarantee is included against leakage and provided with an aquarium lid with a 24” UL fluorescent lighting hood (compatible T8 or T12 fluorescent tubes).

Acrylic aquariums are ideal for warm marine aquatics as the thermal retention is far better than that of Glass similarly, as per our Glass vs Acrylic discussion, users can quite easily drill to fit heating and filtration customizing without the risks of cracking/breaking glass. Most people believe acrylic tends to discolor with the material having progressed it no longer clouds, instead, most users report the clarity of the Sea Clear 40 tank to better than glass as it tends not to distort. SeaClear molecular bond and heat polish their edges together to retain strength and prevent any possible fractures, cracks or breaks at the seams.

One word of warning: with an Acrylic aquarium, use a plastic algae scraper, rather than a metal one, to prevent scratching the acrylic and attempt to keep coral away from the acrylic. Blemishes can easily be buffed out although will require some elbow grease.

This SeaClear 40 Gallon Aquarium is good value for money when compared to other acrylic aquariums albeit a more expensive than its glass counterparts. A good quality hood is provided although, with the introduction of LED lighting, and the ability to change the color temperature, many experienced aquatic hobbyists have chosen to upgrade it. Backed by a quality brand name and reassured by a lifetime guarantee, if you are looking for a medium-sized aquarium this SeaClear acrylic tank checks most of the boxes.

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SeaClear 40 Gal Acrylic Aquarium Specifications


SeaClear 40 Gallon Aquarium


40 Gallons


36″ Wide x 15″ Long x 16″ High

Type of Habitat







Lifetime Limited

What's included?

Aquarium Hood, Fluorescent lighting (ex tubes)


$$ – Good value for an acrylic aquarium.



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