The Marineland Heartland 60 Gallon Aquarium ensemble comes complete with lighting, aquarium hood and stand, providing a vast front panel maximizing impact and aquatic visibility. Being a large aquarium it is perfectly suited to setting up and maintaining a reef/coral environment. Overall the tank and its setup are well-reviewed on the supplier’s site, manufacturer’s site, and forums with many commenting on the benefit over a standard 55 Gallon Aquarium. You can rest assured with the quality of the tank being high, a limited lifetime warranty is provided when used with the black heartland stand.

With the tank standing at 25” in height, 12.75” long and 48.5” wide this 60 gal aquarium is a stunning centerpiece for any home. Albeit a tad slimmer than a 55-gallon equivalent, it is more than adequate for planted, reef or marine setups. Similarly once standing on the beautiful black MDF stand (30” in height, 14.25” long and 50” wide) it stands oppressively rather than being able to hide it in a corner.

Sadly filtration isn’t included although you can easily fit suitable hanging filters to the rear of the tank, a few users have suggested the shelves on the black MDF stand are slightly too close together making it rather hard to use canister filters. Lastly, as I am sure you are aware, glass aquariums are not light and the Marineland Heartland 60 Gal Aquarium is no exception having 3/8” quality glass it will require two people to lift / position. Provided with energy-efficient fluorescent lighting the hood is great when starting out although it appears to tinge the watercolor, once you’re setup is up and running take a look at other LED lighting.

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Product Specifications

48.5″ Wide x 25″ High x 12.75″ Long
50″ Wide x 30″ High x 14.25″ Long
Type of HabitatAquatic
MaterialGlass tank (3/8″ thick)
MDF Black stand
Warranty1 Year guarantee when used without stand.
Limited lifetime with stand.
What’s included?Aquarium, Hood, Fluorescent lighting and Black Stand.
Price$$ – Outstanding value for setup.



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  • Jewel
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    I have one just like this one seems to me more like an 65 than 60

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