SeaClear 40 Gallon Junior Executive Aquarium Kit Review & Specs

SeaClear offers a Junior Executive Aquarium kit providing everything needed to get set with a 40-gallon aquarium. Well reviewed and loved by tank owners this 40 gal tank hits the spot being made from acrylic rather than glass it is lightweight, provides a clear and bright view than the standard material. Being manufactured by a supplier renowned for quality SeaClear deliver beautiful tank supplied with a complete setup including a power filter, tank hood, a selection of plastic plants, fishnet, food, and water condition backed by a limited lifetime guarantee.

Available in three colors, clear, black and cobalt blue you can choose a tank that suits your décor. Whilst created as an entrée level kit this SeaClear 40-gallon regular rectangular tank can easily be amended in the future to suit reef or marine applications through drilling to fit a stump although as it stands this tank is ideal for fresh and saltwater applications. All you need to add to get going is gravel and some fish!

This tank stands at 36” Long x 15” Wide x 16” High and being molded acrylic no support bars or black sealant to obscure aquatic views. As described in our Glass vs Acrylic post Acrylic has no tint thus improving viewing clarity, reduces weight and is stronger making ideal around children and other pets.

Overall this SeaClear Junior Executive 40 Gallon Tank Kit offers great value for money for those looking to get started with a medium to large-sized aquarium from a reputable manufacturer.

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SeaClear 40 Gallon Junior Executive Aquarium Specs


SeaClear 40 Gallon Junior Executive Aquarium Kit


40 Gallons


36" Wide x 15" Long x 16" High

Type of Habitat







Lifetime Limited

What's included?

Aquarium Hood, Fluorescent lighting (ex tubes) , Power Filter, Plastic Plants, Fish Net, Fish Food and Water Conditioner


$$ - Good value for an acrylic aquarium.



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